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Much like a car, heating and cooling systems become less efficient over time. Replacing your heating and cooling system can be a wise investment because of the significant energy savings it can bring. Many heating and cooling systems that are more than seven years old are cost-effective to replace, since older systems are typically less efficient and result in increasingly high bills and frequent repairs. Customers who use our energy efficient systems can use their utility savings to offset most of or all of their installation cost.

We install a variety of residential and commercial cooling and heating systems with high seasonal energy efficiency ratios (SEER) and variable-speed motors. These systems create energy savings throughout the year. For instance, when replacing a 10  SEER system with a high-efficiency model like 16 or 21 SEER we can often reduce heating and cooling bills by 25% to 40%.


 Additional Benefits of a New, High-Efficiency Heating and Cooling System

  • Greater energy efficiency, reducing energy bills by 25% to 40%

  • Greater home comfort with the industry's most advanced technology

  • Unique designs protect against equipment failure

  • Our in-house crews ensure better installation and performance

  • Long warranties to protect your investment for years to come

  • Complete system reduces leaks, air loss, and inefficiency

  • Cleaner air for you to breathe every day in your home or business


Top-Quality Installation

Our team of energy efficiency experts is skilled in all areas of HVAC design and installation. Go Solar Direct meticulously sizes and selects the best equipment for your needs to secure energy and cost savings for many years to come.

Want to increase your home or business energy efficiency and comfort?

Contact Tachyon Solar to learn more about our heating and cooling solutions.

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