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We understand what it means to own a home. For most of us, our home is the most valuable – and valued – possession. As a leading roofing and solar company, we know home building inside out, from the roof right down to the foundation. Whether your home needs roof repairing services, a complete roofing system, or other remodeling or contracting services, our company has the experience you want and the quality you deserve.

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Modern Kitchen

Experts in Efficiency.

We share all of our years of expertise with our clients, offering the most professional and knowledgeable Energy Efficiency Consultation at an amazing value for money. If you have a project in mind contact us to see how we can be of service today, build you dream home wile keeping it energy efficient.

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Solar Panel Installation


Cut Those Electricity Bills In An Instant!

Cut Those Electricity Bills In An Instant!

Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we are the One-Stop-shop for Solar Panel Installation. Our customers know that once they decide to work with Go Solar Direct we will take care of them all the way down the line.

 We know the challenges of installing solar panels, and can give you all the information that you expect right away. For further details and information, contact us today.


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As part of our mission to take a proactive rule in the eco-friendly construction industry revolution, we saw a need for reliable HVAC services for the local community that puts conservation as a priority. We aim high and want our customers to feel confident in choosing us as their HVAC provider.

Insulation Installation in Room


At Tachyon Solar our goal (or Mission) is to be "Energy Conservation Specialists" and provide energy saving solutions across all aspects of the construction and building industry. We are a trusted name in providing affordable insulation for homeowners as their choice of Insulation Company to service their needs for lower energy usage.

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When it comes to your lawn, being a little superficial is okay by us. And with synthetic turf  your yard will look like a million bucks all year long. We offer American made turf and have something just for you that will look fantastic in your front yard or back yard…or both!

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