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Smart Homes – Solar, It’s Just The Beginning!

For years, humanity has prided itself on continuous improvement and advancement. However, as we wake up to the damage of the Industrial Era and beyond, it becomes frighteningly easy to get overwhelmed by the challenges of the future. As ever, though, technology might be our salvation from a planet that faces unique environmental challenges never seen before in modern history.

Smart homes, then, are our key to making environmentally secure, economically viable and effective, improved efficiency. For years now, solar panels have been seen as a unique innovation; a way to self-sufficiently generate our own power and do the part for the state, selling our excess energy to the government.

The power of the sun is so incredible, and the power of our technology so immense versus individual need, that we can create more than enough energy for one another!

Solar energy, though? That’s merely the beginning. Just some of the other incredible innovations and changes that we expect to see – and already can see – working in place includes:

  • Auto-thermostats. Are you sick of coming home from work, and either finding the place too cold to function in, or too warm to sit in? Most of the time our heating systems either don’t come on, or come on all day long. The auto-thermostat is going to make it much easier for us to reduce our energy consumption, ensuring we can remotely control household temperature. Now, you can come home to a toasty home without a massive energy bill every month!

  • Solar Heating. You might have heard of solar energy, but now we can just as easily heat our water using solar energy as much as anything else. These systems are made to help make sure that you can see a fast return on investment as you can get yourself off unreliable grids and make sure you have a much more powerful water heating system waiting for you.

  • Smart Security. From CCTV controlled via smartphone to alerts of any kind of movement outside, smart security is making it easier than ever to make our homes not only more efficient, but much safer as well!

There are countless incredible pieces of technology on the way, all controlled from the smartphone. From being able to switch the lights on when driving home to locking and opening the door with a smartphone, success has never been so simple.

Really, we are in the process of watching the world around us become more environmentally conscious, more reliable and much safer in the main. Thanks to the innovation of technology, we could tomorrow far safer than today. If you thought solar panels was the pinnacle, keep your eyes fixed on tomorrow!

At Go Solar Direct, we’ll be keeping our ear firmly to the ground as we look to help you make the most of the latest and greatest smart solutions. For more information, feel free to contact us on the latest news and innovations.

Learn more about smart homes and automated solutions for your home here.

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