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Innovative Construction

For years, humans have grown sick of paying so much to enjoy a high quality of life; and rightly so. There is no reason why we should be forced to invest all of our hard-earned money into technology that does not pay us back. As we continue to invest in technology that is for those who wish to be efficient and self-sufficient, we will see incredible changes to the way that our homes and properties are built.

Aside from solar panels, many new innovations have reached the market that a few years ago would have sounded like a a dream. So, let’s take a look at some of the most innovative construction going on and some of the various new and improved green energy solutions on the market today.

If you are thinking of upgrading your home beyond your solar installation, you might want to consider the following upgrades:

  • Smart Bulbs. Commonplace today, smart bulbs are one of the most innovative changes we’ve made to lighting in years. These can last for many years if they are used on average of around 3hours/day, offering much greater energy efficiency.

  • Solar Toilets. These things literally clean themselves when you let the solar power get to the. It uses the energy from the sun to break down waste and literally convert it into hydrogen. It even disinfects itself without having to use a single chemical substance; a must-have for all clean-freaks!

  • Energy Monitors. While these have been around for some time, new energy monitors give you far more detail and understanding. At just a few hundred dollars, they can give you huge analysis on what is being utilized at home – and how you can improve upon that nice and quickly, helping you to reduce energy output by as much as 10%!

  • Smart Strips. Another innovative creation, these solutions will help to bring down the amount of power being used by every item connected to it. This stops anything plugged in that has full power from draining excess power, which can help to contribute to a massive level of reduction in how much energy you are using.

  • The Smart Switch. An immensely powerful tool, smart switches allow you to control everything from one single power source. This allows you to turn the power in your home on/off with the simple use of a smartphone app. You can even set schedules for certain objects so that you have total control over when everything in your home is being used!

At the moment, technology is on the precipice of a unique, very exciting breakthrough. Not only are we at the stage whereby technology could help us mend the planet, it can help us to drastically reduce the cost of our investment per day into energy. With the tools above – and the many more which are sure to come in the future – the ever-changing world of technology is sure to absolutely transform your household performance significantly.

Learn more about smart home here

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