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A complete control of the entire home from anywhere.

Lower energy costs.

Comfort & convenience.

Home that looks at its best.


With our control system, and one single touch of the "Good Night" button on your remote, tablet or smart phone, you'll arm the security system, the lights will turn off or go dim, the climate system will set to the desired temperature and yes, the system will alert you whether its the garage door that's open or the pool that is left uncovered.

The control system is able to "talk" to different subsystems through out your home; home theater/media room, iPod, house lighting, security system, climate control, motorized shades & drapery, surveillance cameras and pool/spa. “Smart Home” technology is also referred to as systems integration. It allows access and control of all your home's subsystem with simplicity, which can be compared to using your smart phone. Intuitive touchscreen icons allow total control of your home with no instruction manual needed!

The four leading companies in the home automation controls industry are: Crestron, RTI, Control 4, and URC. Clear your coffee table from multiple remotes and enjoy the convenience of one universal remote with a charging station, you will never have a need to replace remote control batteries again. Our control system also contributes to the aesthetic aspect of your home and or office.

By eliminating wall clutter of multiple light switches, alarm keypads and climate control thermostats, we install a one touch screen that combines all of your systems onto one single device, which will enhance your family's lifestyle and safety with the added convenience that home automation system delivers. The built-in coordination of the home's subsystem will help you save energy automatically, by turning off lights and electronics that are not in use. Your home's daily electrical use can be simplified and can lead to a 'greener' lifestyle. A home automation system can be thought of as your own personal brings to you a convenient and simplified way to send commands to other home systems.

We install home automation systems in Austin, San Antonio and Houston areas.

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