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Reduced Energy Bill

Zero Money Down!

Increased Home Value

Zero Carbon Emissions

Go Solar.   Save Money.   Feel Better.

There are many advantages of solar systems and the solar power they produce. While there are continued costs of traditional electricity, solar systems significantly reduce the amount of power that a household uses.

Going with solar panels means you use the sun's rays to power your home, but it doesn't necessarily mean you can live off the grid. One popular option is to have your solar company install a two-way meter, or net meter, that will still let you get juice from the electric company. The solar panels will eventually give you more power than you'll need, and the net meter lets you put electricity back to the grid. The electric company then pays you for the energy provided. Eliminating all electricity costs is possible, but the more likely scenario is that you use your residential solar panel system to generate up to 90% of all the power you'll need. Going solar comes with the following benefits...

Forget about electric rate hikes

One of the standout features that you can get from solar panels is that you won't have to worry about energy hikes, especially electricity rate hikes. When you install a solar system, you can lock in a rate for electricity that is significantly lower than your current bill. Homeowners will no longer have to worry about stretching their monthly budget when an energy rate hike goes on. Monthly budgeting becomes more efficient and predictable. You'll potentially have more money at the end of the month you can put to the bank.

Getting rooftop solar for your home helps you save money

With solar systems, you reduce the dependency on the power grid, and this helps homeowners to reduce their energy bill significantly. You get a lower payment for electricity saving a lot of money. 


Let Us Show You How Solar Can Lower Your Electric Bill up to 70%

Tax Incentives from the Federal and State and Governments

Solar energy delivers positive environmental effects, contributing to a nation's energy independence. To encourage the continued use of solar, government and other organizations offer solar tax breaks and financial incentives for going solar.

Federal, state and local governments often increase solar energy tax rebates and credit on grid power, in an effort to encourage homeowners to switch to alternative renewable energy.The federal government provides a solar tax credit, known as the investment tax credit (ITC) that allows businesses and homeowners to deduct a portion of their solar costs from their overall taxes. Other states offer state tax credit for households that install solar systems.

It is also possible to receive a cash rebate from your municipality, utility company or state for promoting alternative energy through solar. Additionally, some states are now offering performance based incentives by paying solar system owners a per kilowatt-hour credit for electricity that their systems produce.

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The green benefits of solar systems

The environmental advantages of solar power are playing a key role in the growing interest in the use of solar energy. Top of the list is clean air and the preservation of natural resources. From energy independence, lowering utility bills and protecting the environment, there exist countless reasons to go solar today. Solar electric systems run efficiently and silently producing less pollution than other sources of electricity. With solar power installation, you will be paying less for power, saving you on monthly electricity bills. 

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